Jun 20, 2012

this is me and opi and my tie die shirt on and nellie playing hard to get playing hard to get

this is me holding opi and my sharpie tie dye shirt  and Nellie playing hard to get

sharpie tie dye shirt

this is me and opi and my tie dye shirt and i used sharpies and alcohol and a red solo cup 

Jun 19, 2012

this me with the hat and surf

this is me with a new hat and surf that grandma Sharon made me last year

this is me and last years this is me

this is me and last years this is me

me and my baby alive

this is me and my baby alive 

nelle and opi

this is nellie and opi in my pap ow ray's chair in the family room at their house in radcliff Kentucky
and they love me so much i am like a big sister to them when i am there 

sunshine award

Favorite animal: cocker spaniel
Favorite number: 16
Favorite non alcoholic drink:root beer
Facebook or Twitter: Facebook
My passion: reading,crocheting and Internet
Getting or giving: Giving 
Favorite pattern: blanket
Favorite day of the week : Friday
Favorite flower:lavender
Favorite country: USA 

i have a blog and i got a sunshine award for best blog


this Sofia she is so cute and a little booger


this is was  dog snoopy and i miss him he was so cute he loved it when i played with him  and he was so cute as a puppy from till now and i miss him so much.

Jun 18, 2012

opi this is what i think about him

this is opi he is so cute i love him so much but he is a nice dog to have around grandma Sharon's house he love it when i Leslie renea Compton pick him up and he licks me to death.i think he is so funny and cute two be around